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Eathouse Madiun Exhibited Bizarre and Rare Bamboo Collection
29-04-2019 - 04:44 | Views: 51.81k
The unique bamboo at Eathouse Madiun.
The unique bamboo at Eathouse Madiun.

TIMESAUSTRALIA, MADIUN – As a cultural gallery Eathouse Gallery Budaya Madiun exhibits bizarre and rare bamboo collection at their gallery.

"We got a friend who let his bizare collection to be displayed on our gallery, and all are natural shaped, without human's help," Musa Hendri, the owner of Eathouse Gallery Budaya said.

According to him all the bamboo has their own name, like 'pring gathuk' or patched bamboo which by the Javanese society believed to has a magic power.

This bizarre Bamboo exhibition at Eathouse Gallery Budaya and Cafe Madiun was held held for 3 days and ended today Sunday (27/4/2019). The exhibition run well and visited by lots of bamboo collectors or the local society who were curious about thus exhibition.

: Khodijah Siti
: Rizal Dani
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