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Sate Lalat Pamekasan, Another Exotic Indonesian Food
15-07-2019 - 09:16 | Views: 66.15k
Sate Lalat Pamekasan. (Picture by: Akhmad Syafi
Sate Lalat Pamekasan. (Picture by: Akhmad Syafi'i/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESAUSTRALIA, PAMEKASANsate lalat or the Lalat Satay Pamekasan, euw!!!. Do you even know what lalat is in English? Lalat means flies. So satay lalat is? No, no, no, don't you even dare to think so.

It doesnt seems like what it said. Satay Lalat here is the chicken or mutton satay which was made in a very small portion and slices like flies. This street food stalls which is located at Jalan Niaga, Jalan Dirgahayu and Jalan Trunojoyo Pamekasan, Madura usually will be open around evening to midnight.

Those three places above were declared by the local government as the official food stalls location. This place was dedicated to develop the cullinary tourism on this city as well to accommodate the street food sellers.

You dont need much money to get a set of this satay. You could get it for IDR 15 K per set along with it sauce. Lots of youngsters and officials who worked around the area came to this place at night.

"The sate lalat (Lalat Satay) taste here is more special than others. It has it s own taste and special aroma. And it size is so unique, this street food is remarkable," Akhmad a local tourist of Pamekasan said. (*)

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