The Golden Melon Gives this Guy IDR 20 M Profit on each Harvesting Season
07-08-2019 - 05:40 | Views: 65.82k
Ikramullah, with the Golden Melons on his hands. (Picture by: Akhmad Syafi
Ikramullah, with the Golden Melons on his hands. (Picture by: Akhmad Syafi'i/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESAUSTRALIA, PAMEKASAN – Lots of people in Pamekasan turned their direction to try to plant the golden melon. IDR 20 M profit they get each time on harvesting season has change their mind and keep following the business.

"I tried to plant on the pot at first try, then once it succeeded I remove it to the bigger and wider area. I got the seed from Purwakarta," Ikramullah a golden melon farmer said on Monday (5/8/2019). 

Still according to him, the melon need 6-7 ph of soil. He need to borrow some cultivator to make the soil loosen. He also add some calcium carbonate to raise the soil acidity.

At first, he spend around IDR 11 M for the capital. It includes the seeds, treatment, and some fertilizers. To make his farming more success he also watch some YouTube channel on how to grow melon properly.

Meanwhile, he also hope that in the future, the government will help them (all the golden melon farmers) to develop their farming. Either by supplying or lending some modern farming tools for these guys at Pamekasan(*)

: Khodijah Siti
: Rizal Dani
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