About The Papua Referendum, GP Ansor Said: Its Our Concern as Indonesian
29-08-2019 - 15:15 | Views: 40.45k
M. Muhri, the General Chief of GP Ansor Sumenep.
M. Muhri, the General Chief of GP Ansor Sumenep.

TIMESAUSTRALIA, SUMENEP – As a public figure, The General Chief of GP Ansor Sumenep, M. Muhri took a deep concern on the Papua referendum. According to him, it has become every Indonesian obligation to take care of Papua and maintain it, not only the government.

This is in line as with what stated in the Indonesian National Principle chapter 3, the Persatuan Indonesia (Indonesian Unity). It means and order us to erase all the borders between Indonesian whether its from the ethnic, language, race, and culture.

"There can't be a gap between Indonesian, all race become one. Its not only the government duty to keep it worked but also our duty as a good citizen," Muhri said on Thursday (29/8/2019).

In addition, he also said that Papuan people is just like his own family, and if someone push their button and being racist to them all Indonesian including him will take a proper act.

The General Chief of GP Ansor Sumenep also said that the government must to take immediate action about this issue. Meanwhile, he also asked for the Papua community not to get easily provoked by the fake news and keep seeking the truth and stay positive like they always do. (*)

: Khodijah Siti
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