The Disparbud Malang will Check on the Private Residence of Bung Tomo which Being Renovated
12-10-2019 - 01:05 | Views: 49.09k
The look of Bung Tomo
The look of Bung Tomo's house from the back door. (Picture by: Naufal Ardiansyah/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESAUSTRALIA, MALANG – An ancient house which was assumed to have a historical value of Bung Tomo by Disparbud Malang is being renovated. The renovation was questioned since the house was still in question whether it has a historical value or not.

Sutomo also known as Bung Tomo, is best known for his role as an Indonesian military leader during the Indonesian National Revolution against the Netherlands. He played a central role in Battle of Surabaya when the Dutch attacked the city in October and November 1945.

According to the Head of Disparbud Malang, the house which located in Jalan Ijen No. 6, Malang wasn't supposed to be renovated since it's on the location of cultural heritage and assumed to have a historical value.

"The house has been sold and the new owner wanted to renovate it without knowing the essence and history of the house," Ida Ayu Made Wahyuni, the Head of Disparbud Kota Malang said on Wednesday (9/10/2019).

Several official from Disparbud malang has checked on the location and asked the owner to stop the renovation and asked them to give some time to decide whether the house has a historical value or not.

Meanwhile, the house which known to be the Residence of Bung Tomo in 1950 will have some further examination. If it really had a historical value then the Disparbud Malang will do some necessary act to make it stay the way it should be. (*)

: Khodijah Siti
: Rizal Dani
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