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Hamparan Rintik: Philosophy of Batik and Its Artistic Values
08-11-2019 - 13:08 | Views: 37.32k
Hamparan Rintik, Batik pattern created by Fikrah Ryanda Saputra. (PHOTO: Exclusive)
Hamparan Rintik, Batik pattern created by Fikrah Ryanda Saputra. (PHOTO: Exclusive)

TIMESAUSTRALIA, JAKARTA – Batik represents the identity of Indonesia. Fikrah Ryanda Saputra created a brand of Batik called as Hamparan Rintik, which was inspired by the philosophy of Batik.

 “Batik means a lot of dots. By creating this new brand of Batik, I want to show the philosophical values of Batik. I hope that this brand of Batik could represent the identity of Malang,” he said, on Thursday (7/11/2019).

Ryan, his nickname, said that the strength of Batik product can come from its characteristic and meaning.

In fact, creating a Batik pattern takes much time. That’s why, the creators sell their Batik products with an expensive price as Batik has a high philosophical value.

Unfortunately, most people do not know the artistic value of Batik. Therefore, they do not want to buy this kind of Batik because they think it is too expensive.

This is the reason why Ryan wants to introduce the artistic values of Batik. He wants people to know the philosophical values of Batik and why it can be expensive.

This Batik does not only use zero waste system in the manufacturing process, but it also uses natural colorings. The patterns are various, nature-themed, and using eco-print method. Hamparan Rintik mostly uses eco-print method as it has different patterns on each production.

Hamparan Rintik has been exhibited in Malang Fashion Runway Matos in this year. Besides, Hamparan Rintik was also beautifully displayed in Pagelaran Seni Citra Smantik in SMAN 3, Malang. Moreover, this brand of Batik has been exported to Vietnam. (*)

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