Senggigi Beach, a Perfect Place to Spend Your Day Off
28-01-2020 - 01:09 | Views: 25.77k
Senggigi Beach, West Lombok. (Picture by: Anugrah Dany/TIMES Indonesia)
Senggigi Beach, West Lombok. (Picture by: Anugrah Dany/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESAUSTRALIA, LOMBOK BARATSenggigi is a popular beach which is located in West Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. This beach has always been crowded with people especially on the weekend.

As to relieve their stress from the city's hustle and bustle people usually usually will look for a nice, beautiful place to relax. And this is what Senggigi beach offered to its visitors.

This place has a calm wave where you could spend all day swimming or snorkeling. You could also just spending your leisure time by tanning your skin under the sun and make it more exotic.

For those who doesn't want to do those two activities and avoiding the sunrise, you could just rest your self under the shade that's provided by the local management.

"I came from Mataram, and it will take me around 20 minutes to reach this place. And it's worth the wait," HM Hasbi Assiddiqie, a local visitor said on Sunday (26/1/2020).

In addition, if you like to fishing, you could bring your fishing rod and try your luck on this beach. The friendly waves will make you enjoy your time fishing while waiting for the fish bite your bait.

"It has been a habit for me to go here and fishing in this place. I usually come to this beach on every weekend," Agus, a local visitor of Senggigi beach said. (*)

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