Getting Closer to Ottouw-Geissler and Sultan Tidore of Papua
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Husain Syah, the Sultan of Tidore.
Husain Syah, the Sultan of Tidore.

TIMESAUSTRALIA, MANOKWARI – There is an interesting story of Carl Wilhelm Ottouw, Johann Gottlob Geissler of Germany and the Sultan of Tidore back then. The story will tell us about the first encounter of Christian in Mansinam West Papua.

Mansinam is a small island located in West Papua. The population is about 800 people. The island could be reach within 30 minutes ride on a canoe or small boat.

This place will be even more crowded on every February 5th. The date was believe as the first time Ottouw and Geissler of Germany stepped their feet into the island. They were taken to the island by using the canoe which was lent by the Sultan of Tidore.

What a beautiful scene where a muslim escorting a non muslim for their mission to spread their religion. Tolerance has been put up beyond everything.

During their stay Ottouw and Geissler also built a church for the local people to pray. They leave their belief in Mansinam and flee back to their country.

Carl Wilhelm Ottouw and Johann Gottlob Geissler also built a well as the main water resources of the local citizen of the island which still could be used till now. The tolerance between them and the Sultan of Tidore has make the local community of Mansinam West Papua taste a bit of modernity. (*)

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