The Legend of Oen Shop and the Dutch Legacy Ice Cream
05-02-2020 - 16:48 | Views: 92.43k
Ice Cream Variants in the Oen Shop Malang, Tuesday 04/02/2020 (PHOTO: Mahmudah/TIMES Indonesia)
Ice Cream Variants in the Oen Shop Malang, Tuesday 04/02/2020 (PHOTO: Mahmudah/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESAUSTRALIA, MALANG – You have not completely enjoyed all the delicacies in Malang if you don’t try the taste of Oen Shop’s ice cream.

The legendary delicacy on Jalan Basuki Rahmat 5, Malang, East Java offers the legendary ice cream from the era of Dutch colonialism.

Oen Shop established since 1930. Not only its unique building architecture but also the whole interior is still in the same shape as it was in the era of Dutch colonialism.

Although Oen Shop has changed its ownership, the new owner still maintains its authenticity, both the ice cream recipe and all of its decorations.

Uniquely, the whole vintage interior gives the historical and classic impression. The seats are also simple, with woven light blue and cream. Their glass tables also offer a vintage impression to the shop.

When entering the door, you can immediately find many kinds of pastry in the glass display. When the waiter comes to serve your orders, the atmosphere feels like the Dutch colonialism era; with the waiters wearing a black and white uniform.

On the other side of the shop, you can also find more quiet and calm seats. With small exposure of the sunlight, this place gives you the vintage impression you cannot find anywhere else. Many other old-time furniture still hanging on the walls of Oen Shop Malang.

Not only ice cream and pastries, but Oen Shop also offers many other kinds of foods and beverages for you to enjoy.

The price is also varying, you can choose any kind of foods and beverages from the menu. All items offered are listed on the menu, so you can choose and order anything suitable for your budget. (*)

: Ronny Wicaksono
: Lucky Setyo Hendrawan
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